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Quality Control

Quality Control

Coweth not only has serious quality control from the start of production to the end of delivery goods out to customers, but also has all kinds of test methods to control every part. When in production, we test the process fittings parts one time by two hours. More we have such bellow control ways.

1.      We have Spectrometer to do chemical test for every batch production of fittings and pipes.

2.      We have hardness test machines to test, which promise that the fitting raw material is well controlled. The hardness of tube is very important, because if the tube hardness is too hard or   soft, it is difficult to form the fitting end. So this step makes sure the tube material is in good state to form.

3.     We also do tensile strength test as needed.  This is to verify that this finished batch fittings are in good state after production. 

4.     More, we test the pressing connectors after pressing. We test it by hexagon gauge. This is used to test if the fitting end pressing dimensions is in standard or not.