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Carbon Steel Press Fittings are nationally used for sprinkler

Introduction of Coweth sprinkler press fittings:

With the growing importance of the fire safety and security market on one hand and the lack of time on the building site on the other, making the Coweth Press system available for sprinkler installations was an obvious choice. Our customers have obtaining the VdS approval in the beginning of 2008 for both carbon and stainless steel, this was the start to evolve the Coweth Press system into Press Sprinkler. Many approvals, such as FM, FG and CNBOP, have following since and will continue to follow. The application of Coweth Press within sprinkler installations is focused on the risers, branch and distribution lines in the dimensions DN20-DN100 (22-108mm), either in carbon or stainless steel.
Coweth Press Sprinkler has been tested and certifed for the use in wet (carbon and stainless steel)  and dry (stainless steel) fxed sprinkler systems in accordance with international guidelines such as VdS and FM. The working pressure of the system can go up to 16 bar, depending on the dimensions and relevant approvals.

Advantages of Coweth Press Sprinkler:
In the building installation market the advantages of press systems over traditional solutions such
as threading, soldering and welding have long been recognized. The same advantages apply for
Coweth Press in sprinkler installations:

a. Qualified for 24months.

b. Reliable

c. Hygienic

d. Fast

e. Saving cost

f.  Easy assembling

g. No maintenence

Material choosed for sprinkler press fittings: carbon steel, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L.

Materials for o-rings: we have LBP EPDM o-rings for choose.