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Governmental institute choose- hygienic stainless steel press fittings

Coweth press fitting& pipe system are also choosed by many government institutes due to its high european quality and made-in-china cost.

The Coweth pressfitting system is very easy and quick to install and only uses stainless steel AISI304 L316L, carbon steel.

The fittings used in Coweth pressfitting system have a toroidal chamber at their own ends inside which there's a EPDM gasket. This has a very strong resistance against aging.

Instead of the old threaded fittings, press fittings solves the problem that commonly know from the old threaded fittings, that is, thread fittings sealing is decided only by the thread with a little teflon tape. With time goes, the manual installed teflon tape will be lose, leading to the connector to be leaking. While our Coweth press fitting connector just solves this problem due to its sealing is made totally only by the sealing o-rings inside the fittings. And o-rings is once death pressed in the connecting, it cannt move. So the press system never leak without manual destroying.

Wide Application: water supply, heating supply, fire protection, gas, and industrial petroleum pipeline system etc.